People who want to have teeth straightened as an adult are often led by cosmetic motivations. This is unless you have presented to the dentist with an issue that they are ascribing to a misaligned bite or some other problem with the alignment of your teeth. You are more likely as an adult to simply want to enhance your smile for the benefit of your confidence. If that is the case then visit our clinic Simply Teeth in Essex. Six Month Smiles may be the answer for you.

What Are The Benefits Of Six Month Smiles

What Are The Benefits Of Six Month Smiles

Talk to a dentist about the benefits of braces at our clinic in Essex. Six Month Smiles may be one of the things they recommend. This is because, for cosmetic purposes, this is an incredibly efficient system that uses gentle movements to adjust the teeth and can therefore be more comfortable for many people.

You may be interested to know that straight teeth are easier to take care of. Brushing is more efficient and there are usually fewer gaps where harmful deposits can build up. This leaves you fresher and healthier and could also save you extensive or expensive dental treatment in the long run. Knowing this can help you to make the decision even if you have concerns about the initial cost. It is true that adult braces are not often available on the NHS, but we can offer a plan to help you spread the cost over the course of your treatment.

As the name suggests, the treatment time can be quite swift. It can be anywhere from four to nine months, but takes an average of six months. After treatment, you will need to wear either a fixed or removable retainer for around a year as otherwise the teeth can sometimes begin to revert to their original positions. It takes around ten months to stabilise the new positions of the teeth.

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We pride ourselves on being friendly and approachable as well as professional. This means we can listen to what you want and recommend a suitable solution to help you reach your goal. Now you know What The Benefits Of Six Month Smiles are, you’ll be pleased to learn this are just one of the things we can recommend. So you can be sure any advice is tailored to what we hear from you.