The New Year is a time when we look at ourselves and how we can improve the way we live our lives so we can look healthy. If you have always been self conscious about your smile maybe you should consider having a Smile Makeover.

Have A Smile Makeover

There are many ways a smile can be replenished including, Six Month Smiles, Invisalign, Fastbraces and Tooth Whitening. People who are worried about the way their teeth look tend to smile less. They also mumble when they speak giving others the completely wrong impression of them.

Why Do We Smile?

There are many reasons why we smile but the overall effect is to show others that we are happy and feel joy. Experts have identified two main types of smile. These are the Duchenne Smile involves smiling with your eyes and your mouth. This is most likely to be genuine while a fake smile is just a facial expression using your lips. Both can be faked and you don’t have to be happy to smile.

This is demonstrated in countries like North Korea where smiling could probably save your life. Nobody truly knows exactly why we smile. Just that the expression is a sign of friendship or that we are enjoying ourselves. When ancient tribes roamed the earth they would greet each other like animals baring their teeth. Eventually this expression turned into the smile we know today. A smile also intensifies positive and happy thoughts making good experiences even more pleasurable.

Smile Yourself Happy

When Louis Armstrong sang the song, ‘When You Are Smiling’, with the sentiment that, ‘the world will smile too’. He obviously knew a bit about the brain chemistry involved in smiling. We all have those days where being cheerful is furthest from our mind and we would rather scowl than smile. Interestingly enough if we fake a smile eventually our brain will start behaving as if the smile is genuine. You will feel a bit less stressed and more cheerful. Babies learn that smiling at others makes them smile back and they learn how to look and feel happy. When someone doesn’t smile with their eyes others can sometimes feel wary of them. This is because they are giving mixed signals causing mistrust.

What Does A Smile Makeover Involve?

Once you have decided that you would like to have a Smile Makeover you will have a consultation. This will be with your dentist who will discuss how your smile can be improved and the procedures necessary to achieve it. A Smile Makeover depends entirely on your own individual needs. It can take weeks or months depending on your course of treatment. When your treatment is complete you will be delighted with the result and everyone will notice your new smile.

If you are interested in booking a consultation for a Smile Makeover please contact us here. We will look forward to discussing your smile