Six Month Smiles is one of the most recent developments in the field of orthodontic dentistry. It is a system of discreet braces that work in a much shorter time than other orthodontic treatments. At Simply Teeth in Essex, our experienced staff offer this as one of our teeth straightening options.

how does six month smiles work so quicklySix Month Smiles in Essex, is most suitable for those clients that would like fast results to achieve a beautiful smile. With new advances in the field of orthodontic care, you are now able to have your front set of teeth straightened in a relatively short period, compared to traditional braces.

How does Six Month Smiles work so quickly?

The Six Month Smiles treatment uses special nickel titanium wires that gently move the teeth in your smile line rather than all the teeth. Your smile line consists of the six front teeth, known as the ‘social six’. This is the reason the procedure takes as little as six months to complete.

The emphasis is on aesthetics rather than the teeth that do not show when you smile. The focus is on how your teeth look, rather than the position of your bite. This makes the procedure quicker and more efficient for an aesthetic fix.

Will they hurt?

Most of our patients tell us that they do not experience any pain. This is because Six Month Smiles in Essex work by gently moving the teeth using a lower degree of force when compared to traditional braces. But everyone is different and it is possible that you might have some initial discomfort. Our experienced team will help you with every aspect of your procedure including pain relief, although over the counter pain killers should be sufficient to deal with any mild pain you may experience.

Six Month Smiles in Essex

As a dental team, we are always on the look out for innovative and improved solutions for dental care. And we are also careful to only recommend treatments that have a proven track record and reputation for excellence. Although relatively new in the UK, Six Month Smiles have been used to treat thousands of patients in America, with many successful outcomes. Contact us today for more information.