If you’re thinking about getting Invisalign treatment, then it’s vital that you know about the process and how long it all takes. This is one of the key components of your treatment that you’ll need to take into account. That’s why we’ve decided to break down the process for you below in a simple and easy to follow format. Let’s go through that process now.

Start with Research

The full Invisalign process can be a highly technical and complicated journey, so it’s important that you conduct the right research. We would highly recommend that you immerse yourself in some blog posts and articles like this one. This will get a good grounding knowledge regarding Invisalign before you make any significant decisions.

Also try speaking to other people who’ve already had Invisalign treatment, and ask them about their experiences. They’ll soon tell you who they used for the treatment, and how good or bad the overall service was. Remember that you can always have an initial consultation with your regular dentist too if you have one, who can give you highly personalised and expert advice in-person, but without any pressure or obligation to proceed further at the initial stage.

Selecting the right dentist for your Invisalign process

Once you’ve conducted the required research, the next stage is to choose the right dentist for you treatment. Invisalign is an important decision that can have a significant affect on your life. For many people, it’s a significant financial investment, as well as affecting your confidence and self-esteem going forward. When you consider it this way, it’s vital to get this right and make the right decision. So think carefully about who you want to use for your Invisalign treatment.

Ask about their experience with Invisalign, and make sure you have evidence of great results they have achieved for patients in the past. Of course location and total price are important factors. But going back to what we’ve just mentioned – this is a big decision. So don’t just choose the nearest practice and definitely don’t just go for the cheapest quote you receive!

It’s also important that you find the dentist you’re going to be working with personable, highly-knowledgeable and someone you really trust. You’re going to be working with this person over many months, so you need to be comfortable with them. This is a really key consideration.

The Invisalign Consultation

The purpose of the consultation is to enable your dentist to determine which Invisalign package is right for you. It’s important to note that Invisalign is not the right option for everybody. So ideally you need an experienced professional to examine your teeth and gums in person, to confirm the best option for you. One example is that if you have more severe issues, it might require alternative treatment, either instead of Invisalign or in supplementation to a form of Invisalign treatment.

Another important point is that the consultation is a great opportunity for you to ask questions and learn everything required first-hand. During the consultation you can ask about costs, time-frames, and specific issues you have that might affect your treatment.

Did you know that you can get a free smile assessment done on the Invisalign site before you come and visit us for a consultation. This can often be a fun and valuable thing to do.

Your custom plan – a vital part of the Invisalign process

Once you’ve made the decision to go ahead with your Invisalign treatment, then your dentist will put in place a custom plan for you. This will typically start with Digital X-Rays, photographs of your teeth and moulded impressions that effectively create a treatment road-map that can then be followed. The exciting thing here is that using the latest Invisalign software, we’ll be able to show you images that accurately depict how your teeth will change over time and how they’ll look at various stages of your treatment. In terms of timeframes. the treatment typically lasts about one year, but this will vary depending on your unique plan.

Your custom aligners

The next stage of the Invisalign process revolves around the custom aligners that are the foundation of your treatment. You’ll start with your first set of aligners, and these will be replaced every 2 weeks as your treatment progresses. The great thing about your aligners is that they don’t cause irritation in your mouth like regular braces can, and they can be freely removed for meals and brushing. You’ll find that when you first wear each set of new aligners during the course of the treatment, during the first few days they will be more uncomfortable, but then get more comfortable as your teeth adjust to the new aligners.

Note that you’ll need to visit your dentist every 6 weeks during your treatment. This allows for constant monitoring and we can carry out any adjustments required to optimise your treatment and results. We’re with you every step of the way!

What happens after your treatment?

Once your custom Invisalign plan comes to an end, you will no longer have to wear the aligners. You may need to continue to wear a retainer for some time after the prescribed treatment. This can vary depending on your individual requirements though. We’ll give you all the advice you need at the time of course.

If you’d like to know more about the Invisalign process then head to our dedicated Invisalign page which provides a wealth of further information.