Before you decide to arrange an appointment with your dentist for veneers, it’s worth understanding a few things. What veneers are, where you can find someone to fit them, where to get veneers in the UK, how they will improve your appearance and how they are fitted.

What are veneers?

Basically they are a cosmetic dental treatment designed to conceal imperfections on and around your teeth. They are great for covering up chips, cracks and stains on your teeth. Through doing this you are able to smile with far more confidence. The most commonly used veneers are made from porcelain but some are also made from composite resin.

Today dentists offer this treatment as an alternative to fitting a crown, especially for minor but noticeable teeth imperfections. There is one downside to this cosmetic dental procedure. Part of the good tooth has to be trimmed to allow sufficient space for the veneer. This means if a replacement is required your only choice is another veneer.

Where can you find someone to fit veneers?

But where can you get veneers in the UK? In the UK, veneers are fitted by any dentist who offers this as a service. The service is normally offered privately. But if you have damaged your teeth in an accident and you can prove that your life would be unbearable living with damaged teeth. Then perhaps you may get some of the cost paid by the NHS.

Simply Teeth offer veneers at all their practices, and you can contact us for a consultation.

How veneers are fitted

There are two ways of preparing a veneer for placement. The first is by using a veneer off the shelf that isn’t custom made. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and if one happens to match your tooth, it can be installed by your dentist in Essex in one visit.

The second option is having one custom made in a dental laboratory. If this is the option you prefer, your dentist will give the tooth a good clean and decide on what the exact colour is required for the veneer. A small amount of your tooth’s enamel will be removed which will allow sufficient space for the veneer. The dentist will make an impression of that tooth and this will be forwarded to the dental lab. In the meantime a temporary veneer will be put in place.

When the new veneer is ready the temporary one is removed and the tooth is cleaned thoroughly with water and pumice. The veneer is etched before it is glued into place. A light is used to cure the adhesive so that it sticks firmly. Once in place your dentist will polish it, especially around its edges.

Caring for veneers

Veneers should be cared for in much the same way as the rest of your teeth. That is regularly brushing and flossing to keep your teeth free of plaque and embedded debris. You should try to avoid drinking too much coffee and staining food like curries, as it’s not possible to whiten veneers in the same way as natural teeth.

In the end veneers fitted by Simply Teeth will restore your smile and give you the confidence you deserve.