The first thing people notice about a person is their smile. Imperfections like discoloured, worn down, broken or misaligned teeth detract from the aesthetics of a beautiful face. Aesthetics are more highly regarded in our modern-day society than ever before. Have you ever wondered why have veneers?

We live in a world where in some industries, how you look can make all the difference between getting that coveted career position, in your private life, it can determine whether you get a second date with the woman or man of your dreams. There is a plethora of entertainment industry celebrities who have had the help of veneers in achieving those perfect smiles you see in film and TV.

Do you have discoloured teeth?

Discoloured teeth can occur for many reasons, but a major cause is from drinking coffee, tea, cola and wine. Drinks with refined sugar and high fructose corn syrup contribute to staining of the enamel and tooth decay. Sweets and certain other foods can also cause discolouration that can be very hard to rectify. This is when veneers in Essex can help!

Worn down teeth

Grinding or clenching your teeth consciously or unconsciously wears down teeth over time. Long-term grinding can cause cracks in teeth that may not be obvious at first glance. Grinding of teeth can lead to headaches, jaw injury and muscle pain — all of which could be a thing of the past at Simply Teeth by choosing our veneers in Essex.

Do you suffer with a gappy smile?

Most people who have gaps in their smiles are reserved when it comes to flashing their finest grin for photo opportunities. The best way to fix the space in between your front teeth is to choose porcelain veneers in Essex to revive your pearly whites!

Are Veneers in Essex good for rectifying the look of misaligned teeth?

The clinical name for misaligned teeth is occlusion. Ideally, the upper and lower teeth should always fit together to form a perfect bite. For the aesthetic Hollywood smile that so many of our patients crave, the upper teeth should fit slightly over the lower teeth. Impacted teeth, overcrowding and missing teeth are all factors that contribute to misaligned teeth.

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