When thinking of dentists and teeth straightening it is easy to imagine the goofy kid at school with train tracks on their teeth and jam jar bottoms glasses. Of course now that goofy kid has perfect teeth, wears contact lenses and looks gorgeous. If you are getting straight teeth envy but don’t want all of the hardware in your mouth. Invisalign may just be the solution you are looking for.

Why Invisalign Is The Best Treatment

Sometimes it is necessary to straighten teeth because it affects the way we eat and can cause pain due to jaw not being straight. The most common reason for straightening teeth is to improve the quality of our smile. Social media and, ‘Selfies’, have made us more self conscious about our smiles than ever before. Celebrities with bright white, straight teeth are all over magazines and the internet. Some have opted to have veneers, which can sometimes look too much. While others have turned to treatment to straighten their teeth.

Invisible Invisalign

Invisalign is a revolutionary method of straightening teeth that involves using custom made aligners that are virtually invisible. If Invisalign is chosen to be your teeth straightening treatment you will have measurements. You will also have an impression made of your teeth. Once all of the statistics about your mouth have been taken everything is packaged up securely. Then it is sent to the laboratory in America where 3D imaging will be made of your measurements. And special retainers are made to be changed at two to three week intervals. The aligners are specially shaped to progressively move your teeth. Nobody will know that you are undergoing treatment because the aligners are colourless and transparent. Also Invisalign aligners can be removed for up to four hours a day so nobody need ever know you are wearing them.

Who Invented Invisalign?

Unsurprisingly, many experts have claimed the merit for this wonderful invention. However, Align Technology has denied these claims and have been promoting the Invisalign method since 1997.

Zia Chishti was inspired to contact his friend, Kelsey Wirth with his idea. He set about producing an  system that worked in a similar way to retainers. The company now employs 3,000 people after first starting in a garage workshop. The idea was so well received that they were not short of investors. The company has an annual revenue of $560 million and has been floated on the stock market. Chishti is no longer involved in the company but has proved himself to be very skilled in new business ventures. Interestingly neither Chishti or Wirth are dentists.

If you are ready to start teeth straightening treatment. Please contact us to make an appointment to discuss if Invisalign is the best treatment for you.