If you are looking into trying Botox treatment you may already have come across, ‘Johnny Botox’, during your internet searches.

Jonny Botox has been outed by the BBC as a disgraced nurse. He has been struck off the nurses register and is not qualified to either prescribe or administer Botox. He is not the only unqualified person who has been treating people under false pretences. A ‘bogus’ nurse in Liverpool did exactly the same thing. We all like a bargain and it is tempting to go to the cheapest place to get treatment. But are you willing to risk your appearance and health to save a small amount of money?

Why You Should Avoid Botox Parties

When it comes to medical procedures that are also beauty treatments the importance of qualifications and experience seem to diminish. The same issue occurred with tooth whitening treatment. Administering Botox treatment is not just about sticking a syringe into someone’s wrinkles and getting paid for it. First of all Botox is only available on prescription. So where do unregistered people source theirs? Also having knowledge of how muscles work and are connected together ensures that the Botox can be administered correctly.

What’s Your Poison?

Why You Should Avoid Botox Parties

Botox is intended to enhance your looks not change them completely. Going to a registered clinic becomes much more appealing when you realise that the main ingredient of Botox is derived from the bacteria in botulism, which is food poisoning. It seems really strange that people who are so conscious of their looks. That they can’t always go out without makeup on. Yet they are prepared to risk disfigurement for the sake of a month’s worth of wine.

Qualified Botox Practitioner

A qualified and registered practitioner will have medical knowledge. They will tend to make decisions about your treatment based on your health as well as appearance. It is advised that you don’t start having Botox treatment too young. Because many wrinkles are due to facial expression rather than ageing skin. Botox treatment should be subtle and not leave you looking like your face has been frozen in a wind tunnel.

If you are considering having Botox treatment. Please get in touch and we will be able to arrange an appointment to discuss all of your treatment options. If you do decide to have treatment you can hold your own party where you glow with the secret of younger looking skin.