It has recently been report by the press that people are taking dental treatment into their own hands and performing oral surgery on themselves. The BBC website reports how Mike Cowley a furniture restorer from Wisbech in Cambridgeshire has pulled out most of his own teeth. With a pair of pliers! He took his dental care into his own hands because he was unable to make an appointment with an NHS dentist. Or he wasn’t offered a satisfactory payment plan from a dentist near him.

Why You Should Not Do Oral Surgery Yourself

Another DIY dentist maintains her cavity by applying a home dental kit to her tooth every month.

Although both people sound very resourceful and are probably saving themselves money in the very short term. Their barbaric oral surgery will end up costing them a small fortune to repair when their gums and existing teeth get infected.

If your friend asks you to help them to perform DIY oral surgery on them. Please refuse because it is against the law to practice any kind of dentistry. Even the caveman kind, when you are not a qualified dentist.

The implications of unsuccessfully performed DIY oral surgery can vary from being uncomfortable to excruciating. If you have periodontitis your teeth are already loose. They are probably likely to fall out easily making the remaining hole vulnerable to infection. If you perform DIY extraction using pliers or other contraptions from your tool kit. Then you may unwittingly leave a fragment of tooth behind, increasing the risk of an abscess or infection.

If you use super glue to make a home made crown or seal a cavity you will probably end up with the mother of all infections simply. It is impossible to make sure that you have removed the infected area of the teeth in the kitchen. The bottom line is that any DIY oral dentistry that you do should only be a temporary measure.

If you are avoiding visiting the dentist because you cannot afford to pay for your treatment in one transaction. Then please get in touch with us and we could help you to organise a payment plan. As with most things it is always cheaper and easier to receive proper dental treatment sooner rather than later.