At Simply Teeth, we want to give you all the options you need to make an informed choice. And no comprehensive guide to teeth straightening would be complete without an explanation of the wonders of Invisalign. In Essex, at our clinic, we have worked with many patients and introduced them to Invisalign with really positive results and straight smiles all round. But what do people think about Invisalign, really? If you’re interested to find out, then read on for more information.

What Do People Think About InvisalignWhat Do People Think About Invisalign

When you visit the dentist in Essex, Invisalign may be offered to you after a detailed assessment of your mouth and teeth. As well as a consultation to get a strong idea of what it is you want to achieve.

There are certain conditions under which Invisalign may not be suitable. Especially if what you need is more extensive or includes a correction to the way you bite. However, if you need mild to moderate treatment. Treatment which will be mostly focused on the teeth that are visible when you smile, then Invisalign might be an option for you.

Invisalign In Essex

For a lot of people who visit our clinic in EssexInvisalign is appealing because it does not involves fixing metal and wires to the teeth. They are clear aligners that fit snug against the teeth. Which are changed and maintained by the patient at home in consultation with the dentist. Not only are they aesthetically a great improvement on traditional braces. They are also more comfortable and can often take shorter amounts of time to get the results you want.

Having straight teeth can be a real lift for your dental hygiene. As they are easier to look after and can be less prone to getting deposits stuck in awkward places. Invisalign can help you to develop great habits while you have them. Because you need to be assiduous about hygiene while you are wearing them. They are taken out while you eat. And you will need to brush your teeth before you put them back in so that food does not get stuck underneath them. This is a great, general habit to get in to and so is another potential benefit of this method.